Song club?

i’m new to WaniKani,
i’ve seen that there is a bookclub over in reading.
I was wondering if there is a song club over here or something?

When I studied Japanese we did a lesson where we translated さくら by 森山直太朗 (sakura - Moriyama Naotaro) (i’d say its beginner to intermediate level to translate)

森山直太朗 - さくら

It was fun and became one of my main ways of studying, I even sang it as my final karaoke song before leaving my gap year in Japan.

Are there any groups that do stuff like this on the forum?


I’ve been here a couple weeks and I haven’t seen anything like that. You could try searching related terms? Anyway, if you start such a club I’d definitely be lurking/listening to any song recommendations. I’m a complete beginner so translation isn’t something I’m capable of yet. Still, learning from songs is an appealing prospect:)

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