Japanese song lyrics in Kanji and Furigana only


I am looking for ways to listen to Japanese song videos with lyrics that are in text (so that I can use Yomichan to lookup the vocabulary words I don’t know) but only in Kanji with Furigana and no romaji.

I want to practice my reading comprehension with this by not having romaji (which I am beginning to find distracting) and being able to look up words super quickly with Yomichan so that I can slowly work out the meaning on my own without having to rely on a translation.

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I’m not sure about videos, but generally if you look up the name of a song plus 歌詞(かし) you can find a bunch of websites with the lyrics, and a lot of them tend to have options to have furigana or not, etc.


https://utaten.com/ is my go-to website for song lyrics! They even have a toggle to display between furigana or romaji, or to just turn them off completely using that site. I usually do a search using <song name> 歌詞 utaten and can usually find what I want on UtaTen :slightly_smiling_face:


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