Japanese slang/word for "thicc"?

I recently came across this term ボンキュッボン which is said to refer to a woman with ample bust/buttocks and curvy waist (with potential erotic implications). But what little info I could find about it was implying it’s somewhat old-fashioned? And seemingly not used much?

So I was curious if Japan has it’s own slang term for what we call a “thick” woman in English these days. Given Japan’s own very slim definition of a “curvy” woman, at least as far as I’ve understood it, I’d assume there would be a more recent term developed like English has?

Odd question I know haha but it’s a pretty common term in English now so it got me wondering.
Basically, Japan might call Sonico “curvy”, but what would you call Pochaco’s shape that you wouldn’t call Sonico’s?

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ムチムチ and 豊満


Worth noting I’ve only heard 豊満 used for their chest. Not sure if it works for ass.


I’m level 5 so take this with a grain of salt, but I happen to have a book on Japanese street slang. (I have some doubts about its credibility though, everything is written in romaji. Not a single line of kana or kanji in the whole book)

Shirikonkei - (the silicone type) Usually a porn actress with enlarged breasts.

Pretty sure @rhet is right on the money with your answer but I figured I’d share what little bit I was able to find.


Sounds like a neat but sketchy book for sure haha, though that’s exactly the type of “curvy” I was saying isn’t “thick” but is what most of Asia seems to consider curvy. “thick” implies big natural thighs/buttocks and potentially chest, but without a large waist.

Hmm, so would I be correct in saying for example, Sonico is not ムチムチ but Pochaco is?

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We’re gonna get banned for this, aren’t we? (↼_↼)

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Well, @tel003a 's post is questionable to post here haha but I think the discussion is fine as long as we’re not getting into any r-rated talk.

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It’s a promo pic from a video game for kids 12 and up… in Japan.


Also came across ぽっちゃり, but from what I’ve seen is more so a kinder term for “fat”, whereas ムチムチ seems to be used more in the “thick” sense.

Yeah, the Japanese definitely have a different idea of what’s appropriate. The other day I bought a Cup Noodle folder with a picture of a girl ummm, enjoying the Cup Noodles a little …too…much…from 7-11.

Everybody please clap for Vanilla, our resident expert on Japanese tits and ass.


Haha, theres a lot of stuff I don’t actually know everything relating to sexual stuff. Id say @Syphus has me beat in vocabulary pertaining to that stuff.

For anyone wondering, it most certainly does work for ass. Looking up 豊満なお尻 will get you plenty of hits, so I would say its probably ok to use it for that. Upon looking it up I actually learned the word 顔騎 which appears to be a shortened form of 顔面騎乗. Luckily got all of this off my screen as my roommate walked in or that would have been an interesting encounter lol.


Also just came across むっちり for anyone curious. Apparently that works as thicc.


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