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Today I found out about a mistake in a fan translation of a manga I read. It was due to the fact that the mistranslated word is difficult to find in dictionaries, at least I failed, because it is an euphemism. So, my question is, do you know some good online dictionaries similar to Urban Dictionary, but for Japanese?

The word in question (it is a little embarrassing, even though it is just an innocent shoujo manga)

お色気女優 - it was mistranslated as “sex-appealing” actress instead of “adult video” or even “porn” actress (“porn” actress is an official translation by Japanese person, which sounds just right in the context).
I’m not sure, but I assume that this euphemism should be obvious for Japanese, because if you try to google it with quote marks, the pictures say for themselves :slight_smile:


You sure it’s not a euphemism of a euphemism? :wink:


Ahaha :joy:

As a matter of fact, it is Skip Beat chapter 258, but because I don’t posses the book in Japanese yet, I cannot give exact references or photos of the panel, and all the information I know come from fan discussions.

There’s a slang dictionary that gets referenced on a game show I watch all the time. They use it for questions regularly. I’ll see if I can find the name.

Not sure it would have an entry for this though.

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Maybe Weblio? The second definition for 色気 is “related to porn.”


Honestly I haven’t looked at this at all but it’s been recommended as the closest thing to a japanese urban dictionary

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For internet slang and otaku culture related words, the pixiv dictionary is also useful. Not really for this particular case, but might be good to keep in mind.

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