Japanese shopping network (QVC) for great practice

The popular shopping network QVC recently started in Japan, and they have a live YouTube feed that could be a great tool for listening, reading, and just generally immersing yourself in Japanese! Just search for “QVC Japan” on YouTube and click on their live feed.

I’m a beginner, but find that listening to lively chatter between hosts is helpful to pick out common words. They speak clearly, offering LOTS of repetition, and you can use the YouTube settings to slow it down for more clarity.

I’ve found this superior to podcasts or radio, because you have great visual context. Enjoy!


Thanks! I’m gonna have to start watching this after Terrace House xD

Thanks, but I have joined in the live video and there was only a japanese comment among +40, it may have something to do with the local hour (almost 00:00 there) :?


Not sure what you mean.

I realize it’s late in Japan (I’m in Japan). But I don’t know what you mean by the rest of what you said.

I hope they will invite シュワルツェネッガー


I meant that most of the comments were Arabic/English/Spanish, but I was in the wrong video XD (QVC live vid instead of QVC Japan vid)

Sry for the missunderstading

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