Japanese music study ( I made some music quizes that are quite fun, I guess, It's like a "complete a song in japanese". If anyone wants to try it out, I always put them here)

I found this nice practice kinda karaoke like. If anyone wants to try it out.

It’s really cool, everything is in kanji and hiragana, but the site doesn’t allow kanji or hiragana so before every word there is a ’ I '.

You have to select the choice mode or it will not work, the writing mode you only put ’ I ’ at everything. (There are more songs at the bottom)


Yoo, this is pretty good, fun, and an interesting activity. I’ll probably make my own, depending on how time consuming it is. Big thanks.

This really has existed for 7 years, huh…

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It’s pretty easy to make, if you make anyone, please share here. I want to try it out.


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