Japanese Magazine/Books Appreciation Thread

Let’s celebrate the beautiful world of Japanese Literature by posting our favorite physical reading material we use for practice. :open_book::books:

Manga, Magazines, Books - everything is welcome✨

I’ll start with today’s purchase - a Popteen Magazine.
I’d say it’s rather for teens and this perfect for learning. The focus is mainly fashion & entertainment
It’s super colorful, too!

So 3.2.1 - Show me yours :two_hearts:


Started reading 推し、燃ゆ by 宇佐見りん this weekend.
Although admittedly, I only bought it originally because I really liked the cover art (xd), it’s turned out to be a really good book. Resonating with me in ways I didn’t really expect.

It’s my first experience reading a physical book (excluding manga), which has been a pretty interesting experiment. Because I’m too lazy to look up words without the comfort of my Kindle, I’m just going by the words I already know. And, it’s going a lot better than I thought it would have, which is very reinforcing!


How is the kindle with word lookups in Japanese? I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy an e-reader and maybe the future prospect of making reading Japanese books more convenient with an on-demand dictionary is what’ll finally make me cave :sweat_smile:


It’s great as a learning tool. I just installed some Japanese->English dictionary (pretty sure it’s this one?), where you just select the words and it immediately gives you the readings/definitions. I think there is also a feature on the Kindle where it will save all the words you look up, so you could for example export them and make flash cards out of them - but I haven’t tried this myself yet.


This looks pomising! I found a video by Matt vs Japan on the subject of learning Japanese with kindle and it has a ton of useful info.

Being able to sentence mine from the Kindle, transferring vocabulary to anki, sounds extremely useful.

I might be buying a Kindle in the not too distant future :wink:

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