Japanese lullabies and bedtime songs

I have a three year old son, and he enjoys me singing Japanese songs and lullabies to him at bedtime. So far I am singing him 「上を向いて歩こう」 and believe it or not 「 魚歌」which they play at the fish section in Japanese supermarkets lol. What are some other kid friendly Japanese songs I can sing to him? What are the super common songs Japanese parents sing to their kids at bedtime? Thanks for your help!


My favorite is

Here’s another one I like, though I’m not sure if it counts as a lullaby, but it’s certainly a children’s song

Also, here’s an ending theme from one of the favorite shows of my childhood (which played a big role in my decision to start learning Japanese) which is a lullaby:


Recently discovered this one thanks to Yotsuba:

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I like this one:

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There’s a lot of kids’ songs referenced in Yotsuba. I hunted down videos of each one and posted them in the Yotsuba book club threads. Pretty sure I caught them all, but it’s enitrely possible I just didn’t catch one or two references.


Here’s one that is easy to understand

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Wow thanks, didn’t know! I’ve only looked at the threads when I had questions, so not all of them, but would really like to find the songs so I’ll go and check your posts :slight_smile:


Here’s those I found :slight_smile:

And songs from Yotsuba but found by others:


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