Japanese Linguistics and Research

Does anyone know of any community hubs or forums for people studying and staying up to date with Japanese linguistics and associated ongoing research?

Additionally, do you know of any good resources (books, papers) touching on the subject? (anything, however narrow/specific is fine)


If we’re talking about communities using English to conduct the discussions, the grammar questions section of the Japanese Language Stack Exchange can get pretty specific and knowledgeable, but it can also be rather hit and miss with beginner questions that aren’t very interesting from a linguistic perspective. I usually just skim through it every once in a while to find the topics that interest me.

With regards to journals, I follow the Journal of East Asian Linguistics, which regularly contains articles on Japanese, but I also enjoy reading about other languages from time to time.

With regards to books, and if we’re talking about linguistics in the broader sense and not just grammar, I think Tsujimura, N. (2013). An Introduction to Japanese Linguistics (3rd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell. is a widely used introductory resource in English in many university contexts.


Great recommendations. I already have Tsujimura’s books, 100% vouch for them. It helps that she uses the same theoretical foundation I’ve internalized for a while now (generative grammar).

Google Scholar has a lot of articles, if you can find specific things to look up.

My old professor has a lot of articles and books listed. If you’d like to learn more about phonetics, I recommend her writing.


I recommend looking up Japanese Linguistics professors or co-authors of other linguistics works you’ve read to find more resources. I can’t remember other basics, but if you’ve read all of Tsujimura’s books, you probably already have a good foundation.

I don’t know about any other communities or forums, please share if you find others! If you’d like to start Japanese linguistics discussions on here though, I would definitely participate and I’m sure others would as well.


This (not free)

And this

Source: Publications of Dr Heath Rose; Professor of Applied Linguistics, Department of Education, University of Oxford.


Linguistics isn’t my field so I can’t offer any specific resources, but the Google Scholar Citation search is great for finding current materials on a topic. Take a reference you already know about, such as the Tsujimura books, search for it, and click the “Cited By” link. Works better the more fundamental (and widely cited) your starting point is.

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