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Hi! I’ve studied Japanese on and off for a long time, mostly in college, but since I’ve started with WaniKani and Satori I feel like my reading has grown by a huge amount. What I’m looking for now is something to prompt active language production. Something that offers writing prompts, maybe with a focus on specific grammar or thematic vocab, would be great. It doesn’t necessarily need to be checked by anyone, I’m just looking for ways to have more active language production. I have access to Genki 1 and 2 but I’ve done most everything in those books, and all of these new resources weren’t around when I last formally took Japanese, so I wanted to see if there’s anything new that could help. Thanks for your input!

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I am going through Quartet 1 right now which has a speaking section, doing that with an iTalki tutor or language partner will suffice. I am a big advocate for iTalki if you don’t have japanese friends or language partners to talk to. I might even suggest going through the speaking exercises of Genki with an iTalki tutor because I did Genki 1 believing I didn’t need the practice and midway through Genki 2 realized I hadn’t worked on any speaking.

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Thanks so much for these suggestions! I hadn’t even thought of something like iTalki but speaking and listening are also things I’d like to work on but don’t have many resources for locally. It’s motivating to see all of these resources that have came up for Japanese. Getting where I want to be feels a lot more attainable than it used to.

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