Help a Japanese Student help Japanese students!

Long story short, I’m studying Japanese like the rest of you and for a research assignment for school I’m studying how to best teach speaking to language learners. I’m at the very beginning of my research so I’m starting with a survey to collect the most amount of data. If youre interested in helping more theres a spot at the bottom to place your email to do a video survey in a couple of weeks but it’s not mandatory.

The survey will take less than 5 minutes to fill out and I appreciate it a ton!


It’s not even 5 minutes. Does feel a little limited in the questions and answer options though. Hope it’s helpful to you nontheless.


thanks for that feedback, The one thing I still struggle with is asking the right questions, especially in survey form, I’m much stronger in doing interviews haha I appreciate you helping!

Yeah, I was also surprised. Felt a bit random somehow. Curious to learn how you will be able to derive a coherent picture from this, or what your research hypothesis even is ^^
Also some questions were not clear, e.g. in the “which materials” question, you said Genki/… - did you actually mean language textbooks here? Or in fact those specific textbooks and not others? I was a bit puzzled.

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Hypothesis is that the number of students who study either alone and/or only with self-study materials (such as Genki, duolingo etc.) struggle more with learning pitch accent/speaking overall. Again, asking research questions in a survey form is my weakness, other classmates had helped me before but this is a solo assignment. I understand how to ask questions for interviews once the initial data is gathered but I’ll see how it goes haha

For the tools question, I assumed a tool would be a lesson, a textbook, an app, etc? I discovered that most people use these as their methods of learning so I put them all together, maybe it should’ve been separate

Nah I mean that one option was “Genki/Tobira/Minna no Nihongo”. Now I was wondering: Was this point supposed to mean “Textbooks”? Or was it really supposed to mean EITHER Genki OR Tobira OR Minna no Nihongo, but not any other textbooks? And other textbooks should go into the “Other” section? That’s what I did not understand.

ahhh, it was meant to be textbooks. I just chose the ones that were most popular I wonder if I can edit that now that its live. thanks for catching that

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It dawned on me that you meant it that way after I submitted :joy_cat: Maybe you could either put “…” after your list, or even better, write “Textbooks (e.g. …the list from before…)”

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yeah I added “other textbooks” to the list, I’ll be able to elaborate on anyone who joins the interview as well thankfully

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