Differentiator Mnemonics

人 - にん - ninja; じん - jeans
直 - ちょく - choke; じき - um, … “junk.”
正 - しょう - show; せい - saber

So for example, a mnemonic adaptation:
正直 - しょうじき - 話: “If a man is truly honest, he’ll しょう you his じき.” :smirk_cat:

I also have some that help me remember if the 言葉 is 連濁 – I add “stairs” to whatever the second part of the story is, or somehow otherwise make stairs an important part of the mnemonic.

I still struggle with げつ and がつ, and I think I have the mnemonic wrong. For がつ, I use “scoring an A”, and for げつ, I use “E for Everybody movies” – movies that everybody can watch and like. But I don’t think they are truly working for me.

I’d be curious to hear of other peoples’ mnemonic inventions, to help fine-tune difficult memory points.


I don’t think junk would help with ジキ.

I’d go with jinkies as in what Velma from Scooby Doo always says.


I try to make clear ‘mental pictures’ to help me remember along with the verbal mnemonics. For にん I always picture a shy, timid person and for じん a loud, brash person. So merchants and comedians are shy, while senior citizens are bold.