Japanese Internet Slang

How do you press F to pay respects in Japanese or whatever the equivalent is?

I found a couple of threads about online Japanese slang like here or adjacent to it like here. However, all threads related to Japanese Internet slang seem to be closed due to age.

What slang do you know or have encountered online?

The bit I know best is how lol has evolved in Japanese. People used to write (笑) わらい (laugh) to signify they were laughing (and some people still do), but some changed to just the first letter, w I suppose many Japanese speakers use romaji keyboards?. People add more w’s, like wwwww, for things they find really funny. wwwww looks a lot like grass, and so nowadays some people write 草くさ(grass) for lol.


One thing I’ve noticed is that these kinds of internet slang expressions tend to be culture (or at least language) dependent, with many of them not really having equivalents in other languages, at least not direct ones.

Some Japanese ones I’ve noticed are spamming 8s at the end of a video (I used to know the explanation but I forget, I think one of the readings of 8 in Japanese sounds like a word for “end”), and てえてえ which means like “precious” (especially used for shipping characters or vtubers; IIRC it comes from an extreme slurring of 尊い). There’s also a trend of pronouncing もらった as もろった for some reason.


For sure, a lot of things are language or (sub)culture specific. I figure some things might exist for the same sentiment or purpose at least though.

That’s interesting, thanks for sharing! I’ll keep an eye/ear out for those. Is it possible that もろった could be from a specific dialect like 東京弁?

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This is because the onomatopoeia for clapping in Japanese is パチパチ, and 8 in Japanese is はち. While not exactly the same sound, people decided it was close enough and so use 8’s as a short form for clapping (hence why you noticed it at the ends of videos).


on videos i see うぽつ, like up乙 thanks for uploading


One that I remember seeing in the wild is using おつ as a slang abbreviation for おつかさま.

If you really want to get cheeky, you could even write 乙 :curry:. :wink:


Mystery solved :slight_smile:



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I wonder if if I could just says 乙+です when leaving for the day or if someone would notice lol. I’m going to try :curry: next time a Japanese person tells me online that they’ve finished a task. I know a guy writing his thesis… 草草草 (but with ゴゴゴゴゴ as the furigana).

People do still use (笑) to indicate laughter, like we use lol or haha. My boyfriend and I use it all the time on LINE. I’ve never seen him use www with me or anyone else, though I have seen it before on videos and stuff.

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Whoops, I didn’t mean to imply that people don’t use it anymore. My thesis writing friend uses both (笑) and w/www for lol. I’ll edit the original.

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You can also say that there’s no grass if something wasn’t funny :slight_smile:

A few others I remember:

  • 乙 (おつ), slang for お疲れ (this was mentioned already)
  • うp(うぷ), upload
  • うp主(うぷぬし), uploader
  • 88888888… (ぱちぱちぱち・・・)applause. 77777… means something wasn’t quite worthy of applause, 9999999… is more than 888888…

Also, not net speak but rather gaming terminology: I remember I enjoyed learning that リス地 (りすち)means (re)spawn point, since you can’t actually find it in Jisho or the like :slight_smile:


Nice! That’s a lot of fun. I can’t wait to use some of these (with my native speaking friends at least) :joy:

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ggrks = ググれカス = Google it, you F****** idiot.


No worries! I just wanted to make sure/was wondering if it’s a generational thing, ha. We’re both 30, so I though maybe “kids these days” primarily use www XD


Quite a different feel than the semi-polite LMGTFY wwww


Some other more gamey ones (may or may not be slightly off-topic):

  • 初見殺し (しょけんごろし)a trap that requires knowledge unavailable to a first-time player and thus is designed to catch them unawares.
  • 処理落ち(しょりおち)処理 means processing, so this is when the computer can’t process fast enough resulting in frame drops and the like.
  • 死にゲー(しにゲー)a game where you die a lot. Like Dark Souls.

(ニコニコ動画 has a dictionary of terms like 初見殺し above, which is kind of fun. It’s in Japanese though)


If you spend time on Japanese twitter you’ll see:


Which essentially means “sorry, you don’t know me, but…”. Literally, the FF stands for フォローした/フォローされた, or “Follower/Followed (by the original poster)”. So it’s saying “Excuse me, I come from outside your followed/followers”. It’s just considered polite to excuse yourself for interacting with someone you have no connection, so you will see it at the start of many tweets.


Sounds like it needs to be in the theme for my computer’s soundtrack :sob::joy:

Thank you! I’m marking this reply as the solution so that people can check that out more easily.


This might be the most Japanese thing I’ve heard all day