Japanese guessing

Why when I read Japanese sentences I feel like I need to guess. My vocabulary is low, but do I need to focus more on grammar to finally understand what a sentences try to say.

Short answer? Yes. At least understand how the basic parts of a sentence work in the beginning.

Even as you get more advanced in Japanese, I think there’s a gap between understanding all the literal words in a phrase and actually making it sound like real English. Real English uses a lot of slang, idioms, etc. It’s why the translators get paid the big bucks.

Particles are a great place to start. Then understanding the verb forms - verb stems, te form, and masu form. Practice declining (jumping back and forth between the forms). Once you can do that, things should be a lot easier and you should be able to make a decent stab at things (grammatically at least.)

I’m speaking from experience because that’s how I started making real progress in Japanese.


Do you know what the best verb app to practice this.

something like these?

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