Japanese for specific trades

I work in media and I’m currently putting together a showreel of my work to give to potential employers. I was considering doing a version of the showreel in Japanese in case I decided to seek employment in Japan and it got me thinking about a lot of the specific vocabulary I’d need for that. I’m an audio guy so phrases like “equalizer”, “compression”, “pitch shift”, and “randomization” are all essential, but I’d have no idea how to express those things in Japanese. I assume many of them are just katakana-ized, but I would like to know how the industry speaks in Japan. I’m kicking myself for not picking up an issue of “Sound on Sound” or something like that while I was in Japan. Have you ever had an issue like this in your studies? Does your line of work - wether that’s civil engineering, programming, restaurants, childcare, or whatever else - require any trade-specific Japanese? What resources do you use to find and memorize these vocabulary words? Share your findings here.

Generally I’d suggest typing in the field and something like 専門用語

For example, this wiki page has various industries in it. Depending on the industry though it may be more than just Katakana, calques are always a big pain in the ass as well.

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