Japanese Film Festival 2022 - Online

Pretty interesting films judging by the trailers. At least the few trailers I watched all seemed interesting. Thank you for the link I will definitely watch some of these while they are available.

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Luckily, the movies themselves aren’t simply uploaded to YouTube. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Flight is good fun, though. I watched it a fair while ago - plan to watch it again if I’ve got the time.


Not available to me. :frowning: I so want to watch under the open sky.

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If you’re interested in arranging something like that, please go ahead! :blush:
I can link your polls and/or schedule posts from the OP if you put them in this thread.

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That’s what VPNs are for

Interest Level - If you were to watch a film a day for the duration of the film festival. They might be?
  • The Floating Castle
  • The God of Ramen
  • Happy Flight
  • Mio’s Cookbook
  • Bread of Happiness
  • Patema Inverted
  • Aristocrats
  • Ito
  • ReLIFE
  • Time of EVE the Movie
  • Her Love Boils Bathwater
  • Under the Open Sky
  • Masked Ward
  • It’s a Summer Film
  • Until the Break of Dawn
  • SUMODO~The Successors of Samurai~
  • Rashomon
  • Ozland
  • The Chef of South Polar

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A short poll, she said, closing on the 13th?

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It remains to be seen exactly how the film timing will be arranged. Back in the 2020 festival, films were only available for one day each, if memory serves. (Or two days? Something like that.)

It looks different to me this time around, though? As if one could watch any of the movies at any time. E.g. for two random movies I picked, when you click on “Viewing reservation” it says:


So both are available from Monday, without indication of any restrictions (during the festival period of course).


Can’t remember where it was but it said somewhere that when started you have a maximum of 48 hours to watch the film. I’m sure though one could work around that limitation.


Mostly just trying to eliminate the bottom six from scheduled discussion entirely.

So Im here in Japan, but I can’t watch anything?




Alrightly, it’s go time!

And unlike last time, I can actually watch it using Firefox. :grinning:


Anyone else fighting with データベース接続確立エラー?

Wanted to watch one this evening. Really good start I have to say :confused:

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Not me. I watched Bread of Happiness last night. It was very iyashikei. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m halfway through the book right now and I want to finish reading it (for a change) before watching the movie :sweat_smile: so this will take a bit longer for me I’m afraid.

I watched the Ramen God documentary over lunch (I thought that was a somewhat fitting theme :upside_down_face:) and afterwards I noticed the error, but an hour later or so everything was working again. I guess they are a bit overwhelmed by the demand?
(BTW I just checked and it’s working for me right now :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:)

As I said, I watched the Ramen God documentary today. I liked it a lot, it was slow-paced and with lots of beautiful pictures of mountains and ramen and cats ^^ and also the Japanese was not too bad (I accidentally started it without subtitles and when I noticed I was too lazy to get up again and adjust the settings, so I just watched without subtitles :woman_shrugging:). Interesting story altogether.


I will watch one of the movies tomorrow I just can’t decide which one…


Which ones are you considering? (I also need to make up my mind on what to watch tomorrow…)

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Worked now.

Watched Ozland. Would rate it as solid middle of the road. 5/10 if I have ever seen one. Its a light slice of life? kind of thing.

The language is mostly understandable and no hard dialect or sluring occurs. The 園長 is hardest to understand but everyone else is A o K. Not a good case for using subtitles though. They went with a real rough translation dropping a lot of information. So I watched it without any subs since it was too distracting.

Story wise the pacing is somehow a little off and a lot happens for such a short film. Liked the music, the actors were okay. Cinematography is solid.

Lets see what I will watch tomorrow :smiley:


I’m planning to watch Masked Ward tomorrow night, won’t have time this evening for movies. Since we’re all scattered across time zones, I mean sometime slightly more than 24 hours from when this is posted. :stuck_out_tongue: