Issue with script since new look

I’m not sure of the name, but I used to have a counter showing how many days I’ve spent on my current level, and once the new look dropped, it’s stopped working. How can I go about fixing it? It looks like all my scripts are still turned on.

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There is a script to show the old header which I‘m using and the „days on level script“ works there for me. That is only a workaround of course, maybe someone else has a better answer.

It might only work if that old header script rund first though.

So I’m still stuck in the past but I like it that way :wink:



@Kumirei I believe made the day counter script, and made it work with both new layout, and my old header script. So as long as @Elbereth00 makes sure (s)he has the latest version, it should work.

BTW, what’s with that W between lessons and reviews?


That is just a little „yay you made it to 0/0, here, have a smiley face“ extra motivator script which was also done by (who else :wink:) @Kumirei

Next best reason to stay with the old header for as long as I can. (Immediately after my feelings towards the new layout which haven’t changed yet but that’s a different topic…)

@Elbereth00 If you are using the latest version of my script then it should work. If you’re using the old level duration script, then it’s no longer supported and you can install mine.

Actually, I didn’t make that one! Someone else did! I did make my version fancier, though, and posted the code in the thread.


Thanks so much, @Kumirei! :3


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