Issue with review number

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing a weird behaviour with WaniKani and wanted to know if this is normal.

After a 2 year hiatus I returned to using WaniKani and had around 1100 reviews available. I have been doing around a 100 reviews per day and no new lessons, but my review count keeps going up and it’s now almost 1800.

As far as I know, the latest interval before burning an item is 6 months, so after 2 years of doing no reviews all items ready for a review should already have shown up in the review count. So where are these 700 new reviews coming from?


Hmm…Are you doing any new lessons? Oh! Wait! We had a new set of mnemonics come out and they renamed a bunch of radicals. Maybe you’re getting the new radical names on stuff you already learned.

Edit: Link to the content overhaul.

All I can tell you is that your profile says you have 3622 non-burned items. So when you came back after your 2 year hiatus you should have had that many reviews (assuming you didn’t use vacation mode).


Actually, if you were unsubscribed for this period, then yes, that is how it’s supposed to work.


Oh right, that must be it. I don’t remember setting it on vacation mode, but that is probably what is going on.

Thanks everyone!

That makes sense, thanks!

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