Issue with lessons on the phone

Hi there, I’ve just had a minor issue with the lessons on the phone, first time happening. When it’s time to review the newly learned items, the arrow pointing to the right in the bar where you write down your response does not work. I mean, you press it and all you get is the shaking bar, just like when you write down the reading instead of the meaning. If you use the phone keyboard it is fine and it proceeds on, it’s just the arrow in the answer box that does not seem to work.
Am I the only one?

no, you’re not! now that you mention it, I had it too (only I hadn’t noticed, thanks for being observant :slight_smile: ) also, just in my last review, second set of lessons, the answer field was green before I could enter anything. it moved to the next review item when tapping the arrow. don’t know if I missed any of the reviews or if it was just a glitch.
probably… I’m just so smart that I get it marked green before I reply :joy::joy::joy:


I had that too this morning with my reviews lessons (as I now remembered :woman_facepalming:) (on desktop), was a bit confused about it but then forgot. Hmm…

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Just had the same issue when proceeding to the quiz after my last batch of lessons. I went back to my dashboard and quickly went through the same lesson batch again, and it was fine the next time. Weird. :woman_shrugging:t4:

Oh, that’s an issue I haven’t seen yet :sweat_smile: I’ll try another bunch of lessons and see what happens. At least we can bypass it. At first I thought: gosh, what if I can’t do other lessons?!? :scream:
Thanks for letting me know I’m alone :v:

Good to know! Ready to try another bunch then!
Thank you!

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