Is WK once a day enough?

I started using WK during school holidays but now that I’m back I realise I don’t have much time. I used to go on WK every few hrs to do my reviews, but now I can’t. Is going on WK once a day enough?


You won’t level up at top speed, but yes. That’s what I do, and I have no issue with it. I’m sure there will be other people to explain the drawbacks, but you definitely can make once a day work.


As long as you are making noticeable steady progress, yes. It’s contrite to say, but once a day is better than none a day.

If you have some strict timeline of using your kanji knowledge, it won’t work, but it’s not like you necessarily should rush things to rush things. Sometimes a slower pace can aid learning those fewer items better than a faster pace.


The only drawback is you will only have one time a day to complete all your reviews. Make sure you don’t do so many lessons in a day that you can’t do all the reviews.


Another drawback is that when you learn items, instead of reviewing them after the appropriate interval of 4 hours, you will see them in 24 hours I guess. It might interfere with how effectively you memorize maybe?


Like other said, better than none at all.
I’d probably strive for twice a day. Maybe before school and after school? With before school doing 10minutes reviews only and the rest and a few lessons in the afternoon or early evening? That way you should catch the reviews that are done after 4 and 8 hours.And also the number of reviews won’t get overwhelming large.


I usually do my review twice a day, in the morning while having breakfast and in the evening before going to bed. It becomes a routine. I do extra reviews only if I have time. So far it works for me. And like the others said, once a day is better than none. I guess the key is discipline and make it as part of your routine. 頑張りましょう!( •̀ω•́)و✧


I commend you if you are able to. Any practice is better than no practice. Just be careful of how many are next day. This will keep you from getting too overwhelmed.

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I agree.

This is likely best. But if that’s too much, doing it consistently at the same time once a day (after school, I’d guess) will work too.


I do reviews once a day. I don’t have time to add lessons regularly, but when I do, I try to do a second review session to hit the 4 hour window or fairly close, otherwise I will have forgotten several off them by the time I see them the next day. However, it isn’t too bad, because I can usually remember them after that. So once a day works for me.


I mainly do once a day, due to my own schedule and issues, but if I can do another session, I find it helps. Everyone’s pace is different and the beauty of a tool like WK is that it is flexible and works around you.
As people keep saying, daily is better than not and if that’s all you can manage for now, that is fine.
Enjoy the lessons :slight_smile:

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I do it twice a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime. As mentioned earlier in the thread, it moves at a steady pace and if you do it twice a day you won’t end up having huge piles of reviews the following morning.

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I started fast in the beginning and between life and wanikani I also settled at an average of about visiting once a day.

As I went up in levels, my review pile got huge eventually and even unmanageable because it took so more than an hours worth of time when I had no time to spare that day. Eventually I did notice that I had problems recalling recently learned items and found it better if I tried visiting them at the 4 hour mark.

Basically, try what works best? I had to use vacation mode at least 3 times throughout my career, because I even took rest days and battling back to back 300+ reviews with <50% accuracy is exhausting.


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