JLPT N3 resources

I’m thinking of taking the JLPT N3 in December, and there are a few questions that I want to ask.

I know there’s probably no definite answer to this, but around what level on WaniKani should I be ready for the N3, in terms of kanji knowledge? Is it around 35?

Also, I’m looking for a textbook to study from and there are so many options, so I wish to hear your opinions and recommendations. I use WaniKani for kanji, so I don’t really need anything more for kanji, but I’m not that good at the rest, so I need something to study from. I prefer something comprehensive, especially for grammar.

If you have any resources in general, it’d be nice as well.

I asked the same question when I signed up for the N4, and you sweet WaniKani users helped me pass it, so I shall ask it again.

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I can’t offer much in return for your help, hopefully it’s sufficient.

You’ve learnt 80% of the N3 kanji by level 27, 90% by 31, and 100% by 51.

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I used the sou matome series and listening to JLPT practice listening on youtube. That’s how I practiced and passed the N3. As far as levels go you are already are close to 100% save for a few kanji that if you want you can study separately but you should have leveled up enough at that point where it isn’t necessary.

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Fair enough.

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