Is this a common word うみざかな for 海魚?

Just wondering because some dictionaries do not include this reading

My curiosity is piqued :grin:

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What dictionary did you find that does have it?

Wanikani, apparently海魚

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Well… that’s not a dictionary, but at least that clarifies why the question was asked. Should just email the team to ask them why they are teaching something that isn’t in any dictionaries.



I found a couple of places where うみざかな shows up, like here海魚:うみざかな

Never heard it before though

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Yeah, I’m aware that it has google hits, and obviously anyone would understand it if spoken, but it was just that the wording of the initial post made it sound like “some dictionaries have it and some don’t”, but I guess the OP was just trying to say that it hadn’t been in the dictionaries they were able to check.

Now I know why they asked. It being used as furigana one time in 1906 and basically not at all other than that feels like more evidence against teaching it than in favor.


Google finds over one million instances of it (well, of those kanji appearing together) online tho, so it’s not an irrelevant term to be aware of. And it’s there to reinforce the readings of 海 and 魚 anyway which in itself is sufficient reason for teaching it, imo.

Your search is for 海魚, which is normally read as かいぎょ. It’s not a rare word, and no one was suggesting it was.

かいぎょ is the main reading here on WaniKani as well. For some reason they included うみざかな and that’s what I was objecting to. The “it” in the part you quoted was only referring to うみざかな.


I see, ty for the explanation :upside_down_face:

うみざかな doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the reading explanation though (it only mentions the onyomi), so I don’t think it’s WK’s intention to actually teach it. I assume it’s just there since it’s not technically incorrect. Maybe moving it to a hidden allow list instead of giving it a visible listing would be better though.

Is it? If someone can find a monolingual dictionary that has it, that might be different.

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海魚 | 129 pronunciations of 海魚 in Japanese?
the first video is a japanese person saying うみざかな, but I didn’t find this reading in any monolingual dictionary. So it’s probably one of those words that native people read or say “incorrectly”

I don’t know where to trust nor where to search (ImmersionKit failed as well), but in Youglish, only the first entry is exactly 海魚; otherwise, it is cut in half - invalid results.

Forvo says 海魚の発音 but they are not exactly sentences.

It is of course possible to try find directly in YouTube, but it will not be easy. (Also, Chinese predominates Japanese in this case.) Tried with 釣り, 海水魚 seems to be more common.

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I searched around for a bit, but only found 3 actual occurrences of 海魚 being read as うみざかな, one of which was what I assume is the same sentence from 1906 you found earlier where it’s written as furigana. The other two occurrences I’ve found don’t seem to be very reliable either, and I couldn’t find it in any dictionary I know of either. I assume it’s either very rare or nonexistent.

It’s on our list of items to remove or change to 海水魚 as it’s not very common.


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