Is there any way to see "failed burns"?

I want to see items that I failed to burn recently. Basically, ones that I could have burned if I get the review right, but I got wrong instead. I’m not exactly sure why I want to see them. Perhaps just out of curiosity.


I am almost able to achieve this in a semi-roundabout way using the userscript Wanikani Item Inspector. One can create a table (based on the included Failed Last Review table) using the Failed Last Review and SRS Level filters, but these have flaws that will not get you all of the items you want.

Failed Last Review requires you to set how many hours in the past to look for failed reviews. One cannot set this to 0 to indicate no cap on how far back to search.

SRS Level could be set to Guru 2 (this is because when you get an Enlightened item wrong one or two times, it drops 2 srs levels to Guru 2). But if you get it wrong 3 or more times, it will drop further, so this filter is not sufficient for showing you all of the items that were Enlightened but failed if you happen to have gotten it incorrect enough times for it to fall below Guru 2.

Perhaps someone else can figure something better out.


well there used to actually be a summary page which would have given you that info right away, but wk decided the users didn’t need it

and it’s been 19 days …:roll_eyes:

someone did create a script to replace the summary page which would directly probably give you what you want, but it’s only a matter of time before wk breaks all the scripts again.

good luck!!!