Is there an OCR app out there that is learning oriented?

I’ve started using ShareX’s OCR feature to grab characters from games and pictures and have them turned into parseable text, but all I’ve got is google translate, and while it gives you “some” sort of meaning it doesn’t tell you how it got there.

Is there a tool out there that can OCR screen captures and then dissect the text?

A bit like satori reader would?


I’m not sure if it’s entirely what you’re looking for, but there is an Android app called Kaku that stays on top of your apps and OCRs Japanese text. You can tap on individual words to see the translations.

Thanks, now if only i was using android :confused:

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Not OCR, but if you’re looking for something that dissects sentences a bit more reliably than google translate, I’ve heard good things about

For single words you could try pasting it into instead, the kanji pages there give quite a lot of info. I don’t know of anything that automates the process though.

For longer paragraphs I use the rikaikun browser extension, which is also not automated but works really well for dissecting long text. Can’t find a standalone, but pasting text into a pastebin or the like should work for that.

For videos, you can use Kitsun2SRS. By having the video and subtitles, you can make instant flashcards of words you don’t know with Jisho’s definitions. It’s cool to watch anime or any other Japanese media. Open and read the following post if you’re interested:

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