Is there a way to transfer API files?

So I recently reinstalled my OS when I switched over to a bigger SSD. I still have all of the files on my computer from my old build on a different drive, so I’m just moving programs and files over as needed. In this process, I have lost my extensive collection of additional API that I’ve used over the months. I know if I redownloaded them then I wouldn’t ever remember to get all of them.

Is there a file location where I can find all of the apps I installed with tampermonkey? I was thinking it could just be a matter of file drag & drop if I can find the right location, but I’m not sure where to check. I’ve looked through the google folders in both my program files and program files (x86).

Dashboard → Utilities → ZIP or File → Export


Thank you! I wish I knew about this before I changed drives, but the cloud backup I found should have most of the important ones that I need

Edit: I found a way to open the OS through my old drive, so I was able to back up all of my API files to the new one!

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