Is there a way to sort current reviews on the Flaming Durtles app?

For example, in the app I’m able to click on all Guru reviews. I expected the Guru reviews I need to do immediately would be at the top of this list but this isn’t necessarily the case. Does anyone have any insight into how these are sorted and if there’s a way to sort by upcoming reviews?

I’m a bit surprised that I can’t click on a bar on a graph and see those reviews. That seems like the easiest solution but it isn’t implemented.

It’s such a convenient way to review but a bit frustrating if I have to scroll through hundreds or even thousands of items to study current reviews.

You can go into “Advanced Review Settings” and change certain objects to be priority, but it’s not super flexible.

I have it set that “current level kanji and radicals” take priority.

Let me know if you need more help, and I’ll grab my phone.

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If you open the menu in the top right and click on “Browse/search…” there are two options there that I find particularly useful.

The first is the “Next review in less than:” field, if you set that to 0 then you can get all your current reviews, and start a self-study quiz from there.

The second is the “Sort order” field, you can select “Next review, Type” and list out all your reviews coming up over the next few hours. If you combine it with the “Next review in less than:” field, then it’s pretty handy to create a self-study quiz of your reviews coming up within the next few hours.

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Thanks for the explanation!

Very helpful.