Flaming Durtles advance setting help

Hello all,

After some settings help for the Flaming Durtles app.

I use my phone for wanikani and so am not able to get scripts. I found the Flaming Durtles app by reading on these forums and it seems it can do the main thing I want: something like the reorder script.

But I am unsure I’ve chosen the correct settings (image below). I would appreciate any input on this. Thank you.

I’m not sure what order you’re trying to attain, but it looks like it’s going to show you radical on your current level then kanji on your current level. You have radicals as top #1 priority to be shown first

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For order, you might just want to go with “Type, Level”, that’s how I do it. That’ll simply prioritize “radicals > kanji > vocab”, and sort them by level for each type (this is mostly for vocab since presumably you’ll finish the radicals and kanji within the same level, that ensures you’ll do the vocab lessons for the previous level first before proceeding to current level vocab).

Otherwise it seems like you got it.


Perfect, thank you.

hi, this seems like the right thread to ask my questions.
I tried the settings above and other combinations and it doesn’t work for me, it always makes me study the current level items first.
I’m on lvl 26 and stuck with unlearned vocab from lvl 24 and 25, because I keep leveling up and getting new vocabulary, then the previous level vocab remains unstudied.

how can I prioritize previous level items? thank u

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