Is there a way to pause?

Yo guys !

I’ll go in vacation, in Japan, for 2 weeks.
I’m not even sure to have internet there.
Can we “pause” wapikani for a time ?

ありがとうございます :slight_smile:


Yep - Vacation Mode. You can access it by going Menu > Settings > Account > Vacation Mode


ありがとう :slightly_smiling_face:

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But only if you have a subscription.

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I didn’t know this! In that case, @lunapg if you don’t have a subscription but still want to pause maybe you could try just stopping doing new lessons and only do reviews for the next two weeks. Then you shouldn’t have too many reviews pile up while you’re off in Japan!


And 8 $ / month is a little bit たかい。
I’lll try to pill up my lesson as you say @paperbagchild.
Thanks :wink:

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Since you are only level 1, the build up shouldn’t be too bad anyway. I hope you enjoy your trip!

Enjoy your trip! Tell us more about it when you get back. As others have said, since you are in level 1 this should not be that bad.

-inspectatoro :nerd_face:

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Omg! I had NO idea there was vacation mode! So many times I’ve been so doomed, coming home and having like 400+ reviews to take care of. Now i know. 笑!


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