How to 'turn off lessons', to catch up with reviews

I have ‘42+’ lessons and 200 reviews. I’m under too much pressure and do not enjoy it. I want to stop/ turn-off the lessons for a while, AND stop the reviews mounting up untill I cleared them. How can I do this. I want to continue, but not be under too much pressure, which I am feeling right now.

The lessons will sit and wait for you until you do them, so if you want them to stop for a while don’t do them. Reviews will come at you whether you like it or not. The only way to pause those for a bit is to turn on vacation mode, but I don’t believe you can actually go through them while on vacation mode.

My suggestion: stop doing lessons altogether, and focus on doing reviews in batches until they’re manageable. The reviews will eventually slow down after a week or two.


Can confirm this. If you put WK on vacation mode, your reviews will stop coming in but you also won’t be able to do them.

If you have too many reviews and want to to whittle them down without more coming in, you can use the ‘24-hour vacation’. Say you want to do 100 of your 200 reviews. You could do them at 8pm one night, turn vacation mode on before 9pm, then turn vacation mode off again at 8pm the next night.

Complete your remaining 100 reviews!

This isn’t a great approach most of the time, because it adds 24 hours to every single review waiting for you. All those apprentice items are going to suffer quite a lot if you extend the interval by a whole day.

If you only do it once and aren’t doing lessons at the time, it can be a helpful crutch, however.

Also, re: lessons - just don’t do them! There’s no need to “stop” them or anything. Just ignore them.


you can reset your level. not much, just 1-2 or however you feel went down the drain.

there’s no shame in that. i did it myself, set myself back by 4 levels. worked well and i gained 6 since then.

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I stopped doing lessons once I got to level 10 so that I could concentrate on grammar in preparation for tomorrow’s JLPT N5 exam. Time-wise, there’s no way I could fit it all in if I was still trying to progress in WK. However, I still bring my reviews down to zero when I can which is at least once a week. Once the exam is over, I’ll look at picking up some lessons again and hopefully look forward to N4. I’m going to pace myself though otherwise it does get a bit much.

It’s actually possible by using Tsurukame (a 3rd party app) in offline mode.
1 sync to get the current reviews
2 put your phone in plane mode
3 turn on vacation mode while tsurukame isn’t looking
4 do reviews
5 turn off vacation mode
6 turn off plane mode to allow tsurukame to upload your answers

I haven’t tried myself. It might be fine to not put the phone in plane mode. (In which case it’s a bug feature of tsurukame to allow reviews during vacation mode)


Thanks very much for your time in replying to me. I’ll ignore lessons ( I was anyway), and just chip-away at the reviews. I use other ‘resources’ for my Japanese learning, so can only give Wanikani so much time.

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Thank very much, for reading my request, and for your time.I’ll try your idea.

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Thanks for your reply.
It’s nice to get encouragement.
There is a lot to learning Japanese, I don’t just use Wanikani, and I only have so much time.
I feel that just doing Wanikani, slows down my learning. There is so much more to study, like grammer, verbs, vocabulary. I use other resources besides Wanikani, and I have a life to manage which , as we all know, is stressfull.
But Thankyou.

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