Is there a way to get finer grained correctness percentanges?

So, I’ve not seen a tool to do it, but is there a way to get finer grained percentages of corroct/incorrect answers than what’s given on WKStats? I’m thinking it would be useful to see stats over time, for example, so I could see if my belief that late November/December my retention dropped is accurate. I’d also love to see it broken down by WK level. Ie, are there time intervals where I’m particularly prone to forget. This could help fine tune what I do for leech reviewing etc.

I think this data is available per the WK API, but I’ve not seen any scripts/3rd party apps that do it. Does anyone know of any?

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With the heatmap script you can see your percentages for each individual day, and there are spreadsheets which gather data from the API to create graphs. Other than that I don’t know

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How do you get this info with Heatmap? I have that installed, but beyond pure reviews/day, I’m not seeing correct percentages anywhere.

Half hidden feature. Click the day you want info on


Ah! That’s cool. I looked at hover, but didn’t try clicking. Very nice. Yeah, I’d like a graph or chart, but this’ll do for rough guide for the nonce.

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