Is There a WaniKani Deck on Anki You Guys Would Recommend?

I saw one that got bad reviews.

Is this the entire content of WaniKani made into an Anki deck and distributed for free in the WaniKani forums?

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You could certainly put together your own deck with the same kanji or vocal that WaniKani uses, although using two SRS programs at the same time kind of defeats the point.

Feel free to talk about tools to supplement WaniKani, but anything that shares content that should be reserved for subscribers will get deleted, and I’ll have to shut down the thread.


Sort of related question: Is it morally wrong to learn the core 10k outside of Unlike Wanikani, they don’t have a paywall between their items, you don’t even need to sign up to see all of their vocab. When you pay you simply get to use their srs system. However, judging from their past (and failed) efforts to delete core 2/6/10k from the public anki decks, it’s obvious that they feel the same way about the matter as Tofugu (that is, “pay if you’re gonna use what we made”. I briefly used Torii, but stopped because I felt guilt. The only way I can justify using it is if I get a iKnow subscription, then use Torii instead.


I thought the Core2k/6K, at least the sentences and audios, were under CC since 2008 but then the creators went cold feet or something (which apparently doesn’t change a thing if the material was already released under CC), problem was the images, which were licensed, so the many free versions have better of worse images coming from google images (been the source of all this story: “common knowledge”(?)) :sweat_smile:. :man_shrugging:

I never felt morally conflicted about it … but hey, maybe my standars for copyrights don’t stand that high :disappointed_relieved:

Yes, I’m not trying to get around paying for WaniKani, I’m a subscriber. I just want to supplement WaniKani with extra practice

I think CyrusS was just stating their official position on the topic in general so people looking at the thread know where they stand before offering suggestions.

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Between KaniWani and Self-Study extension you have plenty of things to do. Plus you are lvl 4… things will get intense really fast. Check every post made by people lvl 1 to 5 saying this is too slow, or wanting more stuff to do :slight_smile:

In the mean time, chill ! Maybe take some time to read some popular topic on this forum to gather sources for your study :slight_smile:
If you really want to do something in between, go grab Genki and start learning it :slight_smile:

The problem is that, while you are a subscriber, any WK deck made public on Anki means that Tofugu’s hard work is out there for anyone to use for free. And to link it here, in a public section of a forum fully open to search engine queries and populated in part by people that are not subscribed, there would be plenty of folks that would then never consider paying WK the sum they deserve.

Whether you are a subscriber or not, those decks should not be linked because their mere existence undercuts WK’s whole business model. :slight_smile:


That’s fair and makes sense. Thanks.

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