Is there a similar service to WaniKani to input hiragana in kanjis of sentences?

What I mean is, a service similar to WaniKani where you get a sentence with several/many Kanji, and you only have to input those kanji in Hiragana, just like WaniKani and BunPro, but instead of having to fill one at a time, you get the kanjis in context, and of course you get to see if you input all of them correctly or some incorrectly.
I don’t care about the meaning of the sentences, I just need to be able to tell when to use which reading, and I can’t do it with WaniKani, I can mechanically remember every る verb, but give me a ります or any other verb conjugation and my brain freezes.

Do you know of a service that offers this specifically? Thank you

I don’t know of any digital service, but what came to my mind first is practicing reading aloud. There are (were?) even some book clubs around here that would run read aloud sessions. If you don’t feel up to the task of reading aloud in front of others, you can as well just listen in and read along in your head and compare the results.

Another thing might be to use a simple book with full furigana. You can cover the furigana with a strip of paper and uncover them after you read that column, to compare the results. If you check out the Absolute Beginners Book Club, you might find suitable material (I would recommend using a book, not a manga, as the text is arranged more regularly.)


Yeah, and you can also achieve a similar effect in

Each article has the


button which hides furigana.


I think this is exactly what you are looking for:

Sakubun - A tool to get customized kanji practice (integrates with WaniKani) - WaniKani / API And Third-Party Apps - WaniKani Community


Wow, Sakubun is amazing for kanji practice.

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Indeed. I use it every day.


YES, EXACTLY THIS ありがとうございます

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