Is there a reason I should use a Hiragana keyboard on my phone instead of English characters

Hm, really? I get predictive suggestions with my romaji keyboard :thinking:


I didn’t make such an argument, and that’s why I realised after a while that I probably had unintentionally confused you with my original post: what I intended to say, which I thought was a little clearer than it turned out to be, was this:
Hypothesis/assumption: someone knows the order for the vowels
Task at hand: that someone needs to learn the dictionary stem order
Result: that person may find that the order for the stems makes more sense/is not unexpected because a similar order for vowels exists

To reuse your words, I was saying that the order of vowels makes the order of stems more logical.

I’m not saying that it’s the most sensible order for learning verb stems, and yes, I think that for foreign learners (and even natives), in terms of stem frequency, learning the dictionary form first makes lots of sense. However, if you want to learn the order that you need to know in order to read dictionary entries, especially those on helper verbs or those that list the verb forms for Classical Japanese verbs, then knowing the typical vowel order makes learning that order much easier.

Yes, I think the kana keyboard is based on the 五十音 system, and that’s why I’m saying that using a kana keyboard can help you remember that order, because you can just visualise the keyboard instead (I mean by force of habit, of course, and not by forcing yourself to do so if visualisation is not your preferred way of remembering things).

That’s a nice mnemonic, by the way.


Oh hey, I didn’t know romaji keyboard was really a thing! That’s cool!

Now that you mentioned it, I just now realised that flick keypad is the default that came installed and can be changed to other 2 modes (other being non-flick, and qwerty). Not sure if OP only meant specific input boxes, and not romaji keyboard so tagging @AndrewD9 just in case.

Thank you for this heads up!


Yeah suggestions and kanji conversion are not exclusive to flick keyboards. I like using the kana flick keyboard on mobile 'cause it’s more fun and I can’t type fast on mobile anyway, but on keyboard I type so fast that I’d rather just stick to romaji input because adjusting to typing really slow is so painful.

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That’s a cool one.
As for me, I use “Akasatana Hamayarawa” which sounds a bit like a Japanese full name :sweat_smile:


I hate the T9, so I always use Qwerty. It’s a preference.

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