Is there a list of single kanji Kun reading words?

This is a bit of a reach, but does there exist a list of words that are single kanji Kun readings? I just have a strange love for them, words like:
花 はな
墓 はか
川 かわ
靴 くつ
You get the idea… I’m asking because occasionally I find a slightly less frequent one like 鰭 ひれ and I’d love to just learn as many as I can. I’m autistic and this is just something I am infatuated with. Searching jisho with any of the kun related tags doesn’t achieve this. Thank you for reading.


Fellow autist here. I love these too and would also love to see a list.

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@ChristopherFritz :eyes:

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Edit: I just realized that the original post says kun reading, which some items on this list may not be. It may still be worth checking out, though!

One thing a person can try:

Open Wiktionary’s export page.

In the “Add pages from category” textbox, enter:

Japanese terms written with one Han script character

Click “Add”.

This gives a list of all Wiktionary pages for words that contain one kanji, but they may also contain kana.

Copy the list and paste it into a spreadsheet. Use the spreadsheet’s length function to the lengths of the column of words. Sort/filter/remove anything with a length of more than one character.

It would of course be more work if one wanted to pull in a column of English meanings from Wiktionary as well. To save such a person the trouble:


This will certainly do the trick. Thank you very much you are a sage to me I wouldn’t have a clue how to do this.


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