Is there a difference between getting wrong a Reading or a Meaning?

When I do my reviews, I often find it harder to get a reading right, but I rarely make mistakes on meanings. When that happens, I still see my items going back to Apprentice. Does an item go back 2 stages if I get both meaning and reading wrong or does it just go back one stage if I make at least one mistake?

from the Wanikani guide :

How does it work?#

How are the SRS stage decrement calculated? The following formula is used:

new_srs_stage = current_srs_stage - (incorrect_adjustment_count * srs_penalty_factor)

incorrect_adjustment_count is the number of incorrect times you have answered divided by two and rounded up. srs_penalty_factor is 2 if the current_srs_stage is at or above 5. Otherwise it is 1.

Let’s pretend you are trying to get the kanji 大 to guru, and you’ve already learned 大 during lessons. Here are your answers:

  1. Correct (+1 stage, so it’s now at SRS stage 2)
  2. Correct (+1 stage, SRS stage 3)
  3. Correct (+1 stage, SRS stage 4)
  4. Incorrect once before getting it correct (-1 stage, SRS stage 3)
  5. Correct (+1 stage, SRS stage 4)
  6. Correct (+1 stage, SRS stage 5 GURU )
  7. Correct (+1 stage, SRS stage 6)
  8. Incorrect three times before getting it correct (-4 stage, SRS stage 2)


If you do keep getting an item wrong in the same review session, it will keep dropping towards Apprentice 1. And yes, even if you get one part right, you still get marked as wrong.


Thanks. I didn’t catch the part where incorrect_adjustment_count is divided by two and rounded up.

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