Demoting from Enlightened item

Hello WaniKani-san.

Could you please tell me if the demotion from Enlighten drops me directly to Guru? It’s either that, or I have a very selective memory, because most of the kanji’s from January which I thought to be enlightened are now Guru, and not Master.

Thank you!

I believe it depends on how many times you’ve answered that kanji incorrectly. They explain how demotion works in this post in the FAQ

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The relevant part being:

incorrect_adjustment_count is the number of incorrect times you have answered divided by two and rounded up. srs_penalty_factor is 2 if the current_srs_stage is at or above 5. Otherwise it is 1.

So if the item is Guru or higher, it goes down two notches instead of one. This is so you’ll see the item soon enough to actually relearn it. Otherwise you’d be waiting another month to see that incorrect Enlightened->Master item.


Ok, so this was it. Thanks sir!

Welp, this can be closed now. Thanks!

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