Can you speed up the levelling process by

Can you speed up the leveling up by doing self study in durtles? Could I create a self learning session to push the SRS up on the kanji that I’m getting incorrect? Otherwise I have to wait a large amount of time just to see them in reviews.

self-study sessions do not effect the WK srs at all and it is not possible to change how long it takes for items to show up in the SRS


Well, it would certainly help by reducing mistakes!


I think you mean to say if it is possible to get incorrect items all the way back to Apprentice?

In that case, wanikani actually looks at how often you get something wrong during your review. If you get something wrong once or twice, it gets put to a lower level once. Of you get it wrong three or four times, it is put back twice. 5 or 6 times wrong means three times back etc.

So basically if I’m at enlightened and get my item wrong 5 times or more, it gets put back to Guru 2 → Apprentice 4 → Apprentice 2

That would be your solution in that case.

More info:


How does it work?#

How are the SRS stage decrement calculated? The following formula is used:

new_srs_stage = current_srs_stage - (incorrect_adjustment_count * srs_penalty_factor)

incorrect_adjustment_count is the number of incorrect times you have answered divided by two and rounded up. srs_penalty_factor is 2 if the current_srs_stage is at or above 5. Otherwise it is 1.

Let’s pretend you are trying to get the kanji 大 to guru, and you’ve already learned 大 during lessons. Here are your answers:

Correct (+1 stage, so it’s now at SRS stage 2)
Correct (+1 stage, SRS stage 3)
Correct (+1 stage, SRS stage 4)
Incorrect once before getting it correct (-1 stage, SRS stage 3)
Correct (+1 stage, SRS stage 4)
Correct (+1 stage, SRS stage 5 GURU)
Correct (+1 stage, SRS stage 6)
Incorrect three times before getting it correct (-4 stage, SRS stage 2)

When an item reaches Guru, that means you know that item fairly well, but not great. Enough to unlock available associated items, like kanji that use a radical, or vocabulary that use a kanji, etc.

EDIT: Wait I didn’t read it right. Nope, it is not possible to go up in SRS stage, especially when you’re getting things wrong. Slow but steady…

No, you can’t.


Yes, you must wait.


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