Does failing both reading and meaning affect SRS?

Sometimes when I don’t remember a Kanji, usually at the beginning of a level, I look at both the reading and the meaning of it when I made a mistake. This then leads to me usually getting it right on the next try. Does this however affect the SRS? In other words, is there a difference between how much “set-back” there is, if I fail both reading and meaning, or just get one right and the other wrong?

I’m asking this because I wanted to make sure I’m not cheating the SRS and get all the repetitions I need.


The short answer is that getting the review wrong twice (regardless of meaning or reading) is the same as getting it wrong once. But it drops more with three wrong answers, and five, and so on. More details here:


How far the kanji will be demoted depends on it’s current SRS level and how many mistakes you make in that review session. If you get the reading or meaning wrong and look at both the reading and the meaning then that’s kinda cheating the SRS, because you never get the proper interval review on the other. The more you get it wrong the further it should be demoted, which is what your approach avoids.

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I dont think its cheating per se. You wouldn’t get a lower srs by getting the meaning/reading wrong after you got the other wrong, since like seanblue mention, that’d amount for 2 mistakes which is the same as one.

But I do think getting it wrong naturally is better reinforcement than just checking it and getting it right. Probably not that big of a deal though, it’ll drop down stages anyways

It only really comes in to play if the OP would make more than 2 mistakes on the same item in a session without the extra reviewing. It’s mainly academic, which is why I downplayed it here.

But it’s definitely not on the same level as people who use Anki to review items so they can breeze through WK reviews…

that’s why it has been almost a month and I didnt do anything related to lvl 36

I keep failing twice many vocab in apprentice.

Thank you for posting this. I have often wondered how items drop down the levels after a wrong answer, but I never took the trouble to find out. I have changed my approach to reviews now, by putting in more guesses before l look up the answer.

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