Is level 41 a 3 / 4 day level?

So I just reached level 41 (though 39 on forums??? not a big deal though) and im just wondering if this is a 3 day level? Seems likely with only a couple of radicals. Just need to know since my apprentice and guru count is pretty high right now, so looking to plan my next couple of levels around reducing my review count.

Lots of 3/4 day levels coming up


Common bug, log in and out :slight_smile:

The projections section of the upcoming new tells me that the following are now short levels:

41, 43-44, 46-47, 49-60

or, maybe easier to remember:
41-60, except 42, 45, 48


I knew the 50’s were bad but didn’t realize the 40’s were as well. I guess I’ll spend a couple of weeks getting reviews under control before piling them back on.

Thanks all.

That’s because they were not until recently:)
You can blame the radical overhaul, WK is now faster than ever (that’s a good thing, though)


I reached lvl 41 recently too, but I decided to slow it down to “standard length” by not doing all kanji lessons at once, and instead spreading them over few days.

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really??? Fast levels did’t start at Level 46 :fearful::fearful: … ??? And here I was planning a late sprint :sweat_smile: … Well, actually this first speed level feels quite challenging… I 'll see if 3-4 days it’s a feasible rythm. :smirk:

Don’t focus on those things. Just learn as much as you want

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