Level 41 is a fast level?

I’ve seen multiple forum posts saying level 41 is a 3/4 day level, with comments confirming that. This isn’t the case with me, however.

I’ve now guru’d all the initial Kanji, but as you can see, that puts me at 87% (the 4 remaining Kanji were unlocked only after guru’ing the radicals). What were your experiences with level 41?


Level 41 is no longer a fast level, due to kanji being added to that level in one of the (last) recent updates :slight_smile:


凄 was added recently, yes


Ah thank you. Unfortunate how the system works sometimes - delaying some days from needing to guru certain obvious radicals. In any case, WaniKani I <3 you

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Conditions apply lol or should I say applied.

FYI: I have since created an autoupdating list of fast levels to solve this problem.

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Can you update your Guide then? Your Guide still says that it is. :confounded:

P.S. Happy birthday! Hope you like the Content Update!

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Weird, I was pretty much sure it was up to date (because I did indeed update the guide in Feb of this year). Maybe at some point it got back to be a fast level? And now with the new update it’s not anymore? :joy: Anyways, I’ll update it either today or tomorrow :slight_smile:

Thanks :heart_eyes: I don’t! O:

According to this thread

it must still have been a fast level 77-74 days ago (April 10-13). So it’s seen an update somewhere, because l_l’s script indeed no longer lists it.

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Yup, my guess was that at the time of my initial post, it wasn’t. Then it started being a fast level… and due to today’s update, it isn’t anymore :smiling_face: Thanks for checking.

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Guess you’re right @jprspereira

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