Is Japanese your first, second or third foreign language?

I’m just curious, is Japanese your first foreign language or do you speak other foreign languanges? What languages do you speak?

Many here are native English speakers, but many (like me) are not. For me, English is my first foreign language. I had French in school, so that’s my second foreign language. Japanese is my third or fourth foreign language. My native language is Norwegian.

  • Japanese is my FIRST foreign language
  • Japanese is my SECOND foreign language
  • Japanese is my THIRD (or more) foreign language

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Norwegian → English → Japanese

I’ve dabled in other languages, but it has never amounted to anything worth listing here:/


It’s technically my fourth language.

English is my first, American is my second, ばか is my third and Japanese will be my fourth.


For me, it’s my third language. I had French in school as well, but I forgot everything because I never put any real effort in learning it… Oops.


Japanese is my third language if you count the years in school that I had to study French and Spanish, English is my native language. I even dabbled in learning Italian when I had family living in Italy, although for all I ever learnt it’s probably not worth counting :sweat_smile:

But Japanese is the first foreign language I decided for myself I wanted to learn. Chinese is looking like it’s going to be the second I choose to learn.


Spanish is my native language. My second language is English and now Japanese will be the third :grinning:


I grew up with English and Spanish, so this would be the third language. English being native, and while I can converse in Spanish, I think my Japanese is getting close in terms of readibility. :rofl:



first native is portuguese, then spanish, then english, now japanese.

I actually studied korean a lit bit as well, but since it is not for me, will never use it, I dont count it.


Second. My first foreign language is actually English :sweat_smile:


I guess it’s technically my 4th foreign language but it’s second after English in terms of fluency. I studied German in school but I completely forgot it.


I did French in school.
Then I did Spanish in school.
The British education system can’t decide what language to teach.
Then I did British Sign Language in an evening class.

That’s three languages right there, though I can barely remember any of them.

I then started doing self-directed study and started with Italian. I got about half the way through the Duolingo skill tree. Then I did Swedish and got 100% of the way through the tree.

That’s five languages. I can remember a bit more of those last two than the first three.

Then I finally started on Japanese, so that makes this the sixth foreign language that I have studied in some capacity over the years :slight_smile:


Well I had to take both French and German in school, but since I can barely speak a word in any of them, I don’t think they count :grin: Dutch is my native language, which would make English my first foreign language, then Japanese would be the second.


Well, if we count languages that I tried to learn, then Japanese is my third foreign language, because I did try to learn French… I don’t think it counts though, because I never finished it :sweat_smile:


Same, except instead of French I had German in school. I grew up bilingual, so Japanese is my fifth language. I’m not fluent in German nor my mom’s native language (can barely hold a conversation, which is a bit sad, at this point I’m better at speaking and reading Japanese, hehe).


German is my first foreign language (went to a French-German school!), then English and then Japanese! I started learning Korean too but I realised learning two languages at the same time is really hard for me so I’m focusing on Japanese for now… :books:


If we’re counting languages we studied in school and then forgot then it’s my third foreign language after English and German, but I’m not countig German in the poll^^;


I did French and Spanish in school, though I wouldn’t say I’m fluent. Started learning Japanese on my own a year or so ago. I’m probably as far along with it as I got with the other two at school.


Fifth language overall, third “foreign” language to me.
English and Spanish are my first languages, I grew up speaking both so I don’t count them the way I count languages that I’ve learned later as an adult. I learned French in school but haven’t used it in over five years, so it’s incredibly rusty but I can still understand a lot. And I’ve been studying Korean for nearly two years now and fallen completely in love with the language. I became interested in Japanese after I started learning some Hanja (Korean version of Kanji), and realized just how related Japanese and Korean are when it comes to Chinese derived words as well as many grammatical concepts. I feel like my Japanese study has actually complemented my Korean really well, and vice versa.
I feel like language learning can be a slippery slope, once you start learning one language you suddenly come across ten more that you want to learn as well, but there’s never enough time to learn them all.


9th language that I am learning - Flemish (Dutch) is my mother tongue, I also speak French, English, German, Spanish, Afrikaans, bit of Arabic and Hindi, now Japanese


Why limit to only 3? But yes, Japanese is my third foreigh language which I study seriously. I am native Slovak, I have studied and am fluent in English and German and because of geography and other local specifics I also speak Czech and Hungarian, although I probably would not pass a regular language test. :stuck_out_tongue: