Is it worth it? Premium Plus teachers/JP101 experiences

I got an email docking JapanesePod101 Premium Plus down to $15 a month and Premium to $7.
Does anyone have Premium Plus? Are the teachers good (enough to justify paying for it)?

If I was loaded with money I wouldn’t be asking, but I’m still curious about people’s experiences. My brief experience with premium trial was good and I liked what I did make use of…

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I remember it was a monthly price, but actually they charged for the entire period at once (2 years), so take that into account, it’s not a monthly subscription like WK.

I did subscribed to Jpod101 with a similar offer for 2 years in september 2017. I used constantly for … about 3 months :sweat:

I don’t think it holds the value as a resource pass the beginner level. I ended up using graded readers for reading and Netflix with extra tools, which quickly replaced the audio dialogues as well. I preferred to listen content that for one I cared and was real native content, than the super slow / numbed down dialogues on Jpod, which in the end where about 1 min long after taking out the endless chit chat in english coming from Peter and the Japanese teacher :man_shrugging: .

I don’t want to sound specially against Jpod; I think is something that many resources have, the ratio of japanese to english is too low.
Take Jpod for one, You can fall into the illusion that you had a 10-14minute “lesson”, 'cause you were explained a 1 minute dialogue with lots of details and were given the option of listening at diferent speeds in case you had trouble at normal speed (which is already quite slow).

Then you can do the same exercise with lets say 5 minutes of a japanese show watched over Netflix (you use the extensions for learners or download the content to be watched over a learning platform). You can have the same word by word experience (you can use Yomichan), you also can export that vocab. You can replay the dialogue too, at regular speed… 'cause life doesn’t slow down to suit your ears, you should catch up to listen to actual dialogues, which in turn will come as actual skill later.
Your 5 minutes of show can become 10-15 minute in which you have learned a ton about japanese and japanese only with the added bonus that you are little by little starting to watch those shows that drive your interest to learn this language in the first place :slightly_smiling_face: … you pay you Netflix subscription and very little more and are making yourself with a tools that will hold its value for a very long time.

Save that money, buy a Kindle later on and have similar experience reading too :wink: .


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