Is it just me or...?

Around level 20 or so you should see patterns emerge for the on-yomi readings

I actually found the user script for Keisei a bigger help than trying to spot the patterns myself:

I find this script is a brilliant help to learning kanji and I wish there was a kanji learning tool honoring this information more - grouping kanji accordingly.

Don’t get me wrong, I like WK in general, but it’s quirky naming of radical parts of kanji is neither a help when looking up kanji (thankfully Jisho does this in an intuitive way) nor is it helpful outside the context of WK itself - often WK does not acknowledge the meaning radical, especially if the meaning radical is actually a composite of other primitives. I read this complaint often - you basically get a whole kanji as part of another kanji but WK points out all the minor primitives all over again in forming a story, when the meaning is broadly related to the composite.

But then again, Japanese is such a legacy of changes atop of changes, there’s no one true way to slog through it, anyway. :sweat_smile: