iPhone app estimates of level completion / level 50

I am using the WaniKani iPhone application to do my reviews and lessons about half of the time.

The estimates of how long the current level will take and how long it will take to get to level 50 are very cool! However, I am not sure if I should trust them?

Originally my estimate to complete level 3 was 10.8 days (based on my completion times for 1 and 2) but due to my diligent efforts it looks like this has dropped down to 8.5 days (total, 4.3 remaining)!

However, my “level 50 after” estimate has continued to move further out incrementally - it is now 3 days later than when it first appeared in the application.

Any ideas of whether this is a “bug” or if it just needs more calibration from me completing further levels?

That estimate is inaccurate anyway, especially at your level. All it does is take your average time to level and extrapolates how long level 50 should take based on that. Now, it’s basing that estimate on 2 data points. And one of those data points is the quickest level.

tl;dr The estimate is so inaccurate that a bug that small really doesn’t make a difference

I wouldn’t even think about it, in fact, the android app has the same deal. I just do my reviews, to the best of my ability, and try not to think about the “end of the road.” It doesn’t exist. I’m just happy if i can remember anything.

it’s never actually going to be very accurate because your speed will most definitely vary, most likely slow down as you approach higher levels. it’s an interesting stat at how long it might take if you continue at the current rate, but it’s not really useful. especially at your level, it doesn’t have much data to work with. maybe check it out again after you reach level 8 or something. just remember those estimations are just estimations and fairly poor ones at that.

For all the estimates wanikani.data/app always uses the last 5 levels to calculate( if you are lvl 9 it takes level 4-8 to calculate for example). The estimate time for level up is normally the time of the level before until you hit the last point before level up, then it is showing the right value