iOS problems

I have already found the workaround for typing 「々」with an iOS keyboard, but is there a way for「少」? At the moment I’m typing「少数」and then deleting the second character, but why isn’t it present in the kanji list when you type “shō”? :sob:

When you type in kana on the iOS keyboard it’s not really trying to give you a kanji list, it’s trying to guess what word you want to type. Now sometimes a single kanji can be a word on its own, but most words consist of more than one kanji, or a kanji with hiragana attached.

少 on its own can be a word, read as しょう, although I don’t remember coming across it in reading, so I suspect it’s not that common.

However, there are lots of more common words that start with しょう, so they are going to come higher up the list suggested by iOS.

If you just wanted the kanji 少, then I’d suggest started typing 少ない. すく is a much less common start to a word, and I think you’ll find a word starting with 少 high up on the list of suggestions.


I’m curious, why do you need to type the kanji in isolation?


Kamesame, maybe

It doesn’t come up at all in the iOS IME? Like no matter how far down you check?

Typing 少し and then deleting the し takes fewer keystrokes. :slightly_smiling_face:


Strangely, if you just type しょう it doesn’t seem to be there at all.

I see what you did there :eyes:

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