How to type 々 (repeater kanji)

Every time I have the need to type this kanji, I have to copy/paste it, or type a word using it (e.g. 中々) and then delete the excess.

Surely there is a way to type this kanji! I’ve tried the Microsoft IME and the iOS japanese keyboard, and neither recognize “noma” as being this kanji.

Google IME recognizes “noma” 251446983644938240


You can use おなじ for Microsoft IME


Since you already got some suggestions, I am curious: when do you need to write 々 on its own so often that it is an issue?

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Yeah realized my mistake after writing. :flushed:

Yeah, that’s why I deleted my comment as well :smile:

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When practicing kanji, for example, with “KameSame”.


Oh yeah I see now! :+1:

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Whenever I have a kanji that doesn’t easily come up (like the ones that all have the same reading), I usually type another word that has it in there, then delete the other part. 人々 or 中々, for example.

I’m honestly not too bothered by it, because it’s only really a problem in isolation, like on kamesame. Once you start typing full sentences, it’s great at figuring out the right characters based on context.

Funny, I type くりかえし. :laughing:


ios japanese swipe keyboard:
press the ABC button above the emoji button twice for numbers and swipe up on 8

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