[iOS] Mobile AlliCrab for WaniKani

It lives :heart:


Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!


Thanks! And it looking at the commits, it looks like your fix was much more elegant than mine!


Haha thanks, I’m actually an iOS engineer but I’ve only worked with Objective-C, so the Swift is kind of nice. I wasn’t aware of the short lifespan of the non-developer builds… :disappointed:


Thank you so much @cplaverty. This app was a huge part of my routine. It really means a lot that you would find a way to bring it back for us to use. You’ve really done great work with the whole project


Thank you!!

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Thank you for all your work! AlliCrab’s been a great app, and it’s a huge shame that Apple’s supervillain policies have killed it. …Does anyone know any other WK apps with an ignore button?

I use Tsurukame and it’s great! Did my last 20 or so levels with it.

Yeah this is the same functionality I’m looking for as well. I’d like to be able to do reviews on my phone on the train, but found I frequently mistype stuff and not looking to reset my pace on a new Kanji because the train bumped.

Tsurukame says it has an ignore typos feature, but I’m not sure if that’s like built in and it detects the typos for you, or if it’s something the user has control over.

The ignore feature was honestly one of the most important features for me with AlliCrab and I was hoping that would still work with the testflight version (doesn’t seem to be the case).

Regardless, thank you so much @cplaverty for your hard work. I’m happy I can at least do new lessons from your app still.

It still works. At least, it did for me this morning while busing to work.

I was going to have a funeral for it, but then I saw this:

Can we please have 4.0 beta before “Apple’s supervillain policies” kill AlliCrab permanently? With native reviewing, they can no longer complain, as the original issue would be resolved. :wink:
Tsurukame is all right, but I miss AlliCrab’s information about the content of Reviews, and “Close but No Cigar.” I’m definitely going to join the beta just for that.

That would require a lot of work to implement native reviewing and the other features that were brought up for 4.0. It really wouldn’t be worth any developer’s time (in my opinion of course) to spend that much time adding new features to the app given that it’s days are numbered.

Not sure how they can no longer complain with native reviewing, given that the app would still require a WK subscription.

Because, like Tsurukame, there would be no way to get to the subscription page in-app

I wonder if @cplaverty could get away with basically building in a script that blocks the subscription page from rendering so you can’t subscribe in app.


@cplaverty Would Feature Request: Anonymous Session · Issue #45 · cplaverty/KeitaiWaniKani · GitHub save this app, or a script blocking the subscription page? You haven’t said anything in the last 2 months.

Yoooo any other apps we can use for WK? I really dug AlliCrab, sad it’s no more.

I started using Tsurukame since AlliCrab stopped working. It works well, in my opinion, although AlliCrab was better.

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As an emerging contributor to Tsurukame, I am curious what you miss most from AlliCrab.
I will put it in POLL form to make it easier to reply.

  • Stats (list view with the reviews)
  • Scripts (like close but no cigar)
  • General UI (Tsurukame can’t fix this)
  • Non-native reviewing (don’t pick this please!)
  • Other

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I don’t need to vote because Tsurukame is better than AliCrab in like every single way I can think of.

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I am giving Tsurukame another try (as well as developing my own Android/iOS app using Flutter, which is good fun! :)). I can certainly see good things about both apps, but wonder what makes “Tsurukame is better than AliCrab in like every single way [you] can think of”.