[iOS] Mobile AlliCrab for WaniKani

Are you looking for any contributions with this project at this time?

Actually, yes.

No, I hadn’t considered it. I can’t think of any reason why it wouldn’t be possible. Probably easiest to have a config setting where you could specify a link to an external .js file rather than copy/paste the script into a text field. But, as always, the issue is finding the time to do it.

Always open to contributions. Did you have something specific in mind? Feel free to mail me.

That would be even better! Also, yay for getting the Close But No Cigar script in there. I appreciate all the time you put into the app. :slight_smile:

Are you planning to release this version that uses the V2 API before V2 goes into beta? I’m concerned about there being breaking changes and you having to be reactive while the API is in flux.

No. I have the same concerns you do. Especially given the lead time required to get through Apple’s app review process.

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I see the ultimate reorder is already a high priority if I understood correctly, yay! =D
If all features of it is somewhat hard, how about only the separating of type? (Radical/Kanji/Vocab)
So we can easily just choose to do radicals first, kanji next and vocab last both on lessons and reviews. So if I level up while away from the computer I get to start of the radicals without having to press through all new vocabs first (that unlocked from guruing kanji, thus belong to previous level and comes first). I feel I learn better by doing smaller amounts at a time, and there are more than enough time to finish all vocabs while waiting for the reviews of the radicals to guru, and second part I finish the new vocabs before the second half of kanji guru; getting a zero on lessons minimum twice per level (and I do all reviews all the time, keeping it at zero as much as possible) =)
So lessons is a bigger priority for me than reviews, but both is loved =)

A big thanks for all the great work =)


Your app is really great :blush:. I‘ve no idea how much work it is to include userscripts, I hope not too much. I‘d really like to have these two if you have the time:

Any chance of iPhone X support?

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Yes. 3.0 (currently in beta) will have support for iPhone X. I don’t have a release timeline for 3.0 yet, as I’m waiting for the WaniKani API v2 to be released first.

I have a list of 5 or 6 user scripts that have been requested over the years that I’d like to add to the app, and katakana madness is one of them. Some of these scripts will make it into 3.0, depending on how long it takes the v2 API to be released. Beyond that, I don’t want to make any more specific a commitment as I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up.

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I’m also interested in the beta program of yours :smiley:
Right now I compiled version 3 myself because it already supports the iPhone X.

I also think of contributing, but I think that would need to wait for now because of other projects unfortunately.

You said you want to add an Apple Watch App. Do you have some ideas on how the app should look already?

I just finished going through massive pile of reviews and got an idea!
Typing an answers seems kind of tiring… so… why don’t use iOS built in speech recognition as the input?

Speech recognition works quite well but:

  1. When I choose Japanese it instantly inputs kanji, is there any way to force it to write hiragana instead?
  2. When WaniKani asks for the meaning I have to manually switch back to English, then again back to Japanese for reading, any way of doing this automatically?

I’m not familiar with iOS API, so maybe those questions are dumb… But if it’s possible I think many people would love it.

I doubt that that would work reliable enough to be worth it. But yes, typing on mobile is so annoying. I wish there was a way to use the WaniKani Anki script (modified version for mobile, including buttons) on iOS. I was even considering forking one of the existing apps and building my own just so that I could include the Anki script (but didn’t seem worth the effort).

Currently, I have to use a crappy Android device to do my reviews because you can’t install userscripts on iOS. If the Anki script was ever included in AlliCrab, I would be sooo happy :smiley:

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I suggested at one point just allowing a text input or URL reference (full disclosure, I think that was @cplaverty’s suggestion in response to mine) for custom scripts on AlliCrab. @cplaverty are you still considering doing that?

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A problem turned up today: the review count doesn‘t go below 17. I did my 17 reviews this morning, they went through (on the dashboard everything is normal), but the app wouldn‘t update. Lesson count updated correctly. When I try updating by pulling down, I get ‘Failed to update data’ ‘Data couldn‘t be read because it is missing’. When new reviews turn up, the red number icon notifying me says 17+number of new reviews, while inside the app, it stays 17. Any help?

Edit: eeks. I tried signing out and signing in again, now it doesn‘t display any numbers and still gives me same error message.

Edit2: it says it updated „just now“, but it doesn‘t display anything anymore. No review or lesson count, timeline, items, everythings gone. Help? Please?

Edit3: it‘s just the beta testing version. The normal one works as it should.

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Yeah same issue for me running the latest build from Github. I’m guessing it’s due to an API 2 change

@cplaverty For a while now the app (regular version, not beta) has been crashing the first time I try to open the app. This occurs on iPhone 8, latest iOS. It always opens on the second attempt, so it’s not a big deal, but I wanted to let you know.

Yup, same here. It doesn’t happen all the time but it’s still a bit annoying.

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Same here, crashes the first time I open it (the non-beta version). I switched to not-beta version since beta doesn‘t work at the moment. IOS 11.0.3.

For those using the beta on GitHub, assuming you’re building it yourself, I made a small patch in a forked repo: https://github.com/onimitch/KeitaiWaniKani/tree/fix/api-character-to-characters

Disclaimer: I’m not supporting this fix in any way, I just use the app everyday and so it not working properly was starting to hamper my WaniKani rhythm, so I got a bit desperate to make a quick fix. I’m sure Chris’ll sort out a proper fix for it later.

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Hi folks! Apologies for not replying here sooner, but it’s been a busy couple months.

As has been noted, the current beta is broken due to a recent breaking change in the API v2. @onimitch has kindly submitted a fix for this. I’m going to make another tweak or two due to other non-breaking changes in the API, after which I’ll get a new beta out.

Any plans to fix that crash on the released version?