[iOS] Mobile AlliCrab for WaniKani

yeah that worked. Weird that works as a workaround but hey I’ll take it. Thanks

Yeah, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on as it doesn’t crash for me on my 7+. I’m in the middle of a rewrite of the app with a view toward the WK API v2, so it’ll get fixed one way or another.

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Hey there, love the app. Thank you so much for developing and maintaining it!

Just wanted to report that the lesson scrolling issue happens to me as well.
I’m on an iPhone 6S, latest update.

Thanks for letting me know. I will look into it and see if I can find the cause.


Definitely checking this out, thanks!

@cplaverty Could you add the “Close but no Cigar” script to the app? Since we can’t mark accidentally correct answers as wrong, this is the next best thing.

Sure, will do.

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It would be lovely to be able to add user synonyms during lessons in this app :slight_smile: I always add them in my native language. Currently I can use Mobile Allicrab for only reviewing. For that purpose it’s excellent though!

Also sometimes I miss the opportunity to change the alarm tone that reminds me to review. It’s a little quiet for my liking, but that’s a minor thing that you needn’t really mind :slight_smile:

Will add this to my list, but I’m hoping it gets added as native functionality before I get the chance:

I’ve had no inspiration for a custom tone, which is why I’ve left it at the default. I wish this was something that you could directly customise, but unfortunately I don’t know of any way to do so.

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The countdown to level up is way off. It says I’ve been at level 10 for 8 days when it’s been 3. Is there a way for me to fix this?

If you email me your API key to allicrab@icloud.com, I’ll take a look.

Hi there, firstly, great app. I really love your work.

I have been having issues with the time to level recently. As of previous level, I tried to slow down as the life got busy. So sometimes after 7-8 days into the level, I noticed it started showing 20+. I thought it was an issue with the API key or something, levelled up and it happened again just now on this level. So it must be something that changed in the app recently.

It is not a huge issue for me as I am trying to increase days to level to around 18-20, but it is hard to understand where I am now as I don’t want to go too slow.

Are you getting kanji wrong after you’ve gurued them? Unfortunately the current API can’t distinguish between kanji you’ve never gurued and kanji you gurued but got wrong later. I believe the new API V2 will support this information.

With that said, showing 20+ after 7-8 days is a bigger discrepancy than what I’ve seen, so maybe it’s a different issue.


When the projected time to level increases like that, have you ever paid attention to the text describing it? When I’m using the average level time, the title will be “Level Up In (Estimated)”; if I’m using your minimum guru time, it’ll just say “Level Up In”. Have you noticed whether it’s flipping between an estimated time or not? I’m thinking similar to @seanblue that this is the cause of the change you’re seeing: either a kanji or a radical has dipped under guru and it’s reverting to an estimate based on your average levelling speed. If that is the case, it’s something that can be handled much better when I release 3.0 against the new API version 2.

I am re-reading my post, and I can see why you guys got confused. The issue is not “level up in…” prediction, the problem is with “current level time”. After few days in the new level, it starts showing 20+. Is there any other way, or a script so I can check somewhere else to confirm that I am not going crazy?

Ah, understood. In that case, it could be similar to the problem reported by @Chellykins above (which I unfortunately have not yet had time to look at).

What the app does is use the earliest unlocked_date for the current-level radicals and kanji, and uses that as the level start date. As a cross-check, you can use @rfindley’s most excellent stats site at https://www.idigtech.com/wanikani/#progress and see whether that gives you the expected start date. If the site is correct and the app is wrong, it’d be a great help if you could mail me your API key so I can investigate.

Another broken Time in Level here. App says 12+ but it’s more like 2. Will mail my key.

I’m sorry but there’s no meaning+reading review mode? I’m not minimizing any effort you’ve put in this app cause it’s really great but that’s like the first thing I would implement before all those custom scripts.
Are you guys seriously using this app with hundreds of reviews?
If I’m missing something here please tell me

If you are doing reviews with meaning and reading together on your computer, you are already using a custom script. That functionality is not built into WaniKani, so it is a custom script, just like the ones currently included in the app.

Based on your comment, I assume you’re not aware of the wrap up button. It is built into the website, meaning it is available on the desktop version of the site as well as any mobile apps. When you click the wrap up button (it looks like a clock), you will review only 10 more items (some of which you may have already started). This ensures that you don’t have any partially done reviews and allows you to do them in smaller chunks.

You are right, i did not know about the wrap button and I thank you for that. I know it’s not a built in feature of wk but not knowing of the wrap button I couldn’t possibly think that one was using wanikani without said script. Thanks again!
That’ll keep me using this app (the other one isn’t giving me review alert so I uninstalled it) but it’s still a bit weird not having meaning then reading.