Inuyasha 犬夜叉 Vocabulary List

Hello everyone,
I recently started Inuyasha, which is my second manga after よつばと!. The よつばと book club was super helpful for tackling my first manga in Japanese. Especially the community-driven vocabulary list was very useful, since vocab is ordered by appearance in manga.

Before starting Inuyasha I could not find such a vocabulary list, so I took the template from the よつばと book club and started my own. :smiling_face:

Please feel free to use, share the link and contribute to the Google Spreadsheet


By the moment of posting, I’ve completed Volume 1 and I’m halfway through Volume 2. :slight_smile:

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Although not quite the same, there’s also my frequency lists for the series, which covers the first nine volumes.

Whereas the book club vocabulary list style is useful for encountering vocabulary in their order of appearance, the frequency list format is intended to clarify which words are best to learn sooner to get the most coverage.